Dream On, Dreamer


Richie Clark is a great friend of mine. We met by chance the same way I met Nathan Duffin of Duffin & Ladd a few years back. He was the one advertising a room for rent and through him I met Nathan. I’ve always seen Rich hang around and play a couple songs on guitar but never took him for a songwriter until recently.

After I came back to Australia we started to hang out and jam as I was teaching him how to play bass. After our sessions Rich would show me a some songs he was working on, and one day I just decided to help him finish it. Dream On, Dreamer is a really neat & memorable late 90’s/early 2000’s throwback tune. Rich’s strength as a musician is his lyrics, with a nice basic chord melody to go under everything.

Hearing the chords strummed gave me instant ideas for layer and melodies. I had Rich come over one night and track two stereo acoustic guitars, two stereo electric rhythm guitars and a lead vocal and I worked on the rest. I was able to come up with a nice slide guitar layer that would sit in the background and give texture while the lead vocal sang in the verses, and was able to add some mellotron in the choruses for depth – mellotron is my go-to for adding depth to anything. I also managed to put a guitar solo in there when there originally wasn’t one. I had the idea in my heads for weeks and weeks and couldn’t wait to hear it in there – I think it’s the catchiest part of the final product.

Midi drums were added using XLN’s Addictive Drums “Blue Oyster” pack, hearkening back to the early 70’s John Bonham sound, which sat well with a nice and easy smooth bass line I put underneath everything. All in all – Richie’s song turned from a neat little tune into the mix I am most proud of at the moment.

Can’t wait to see what is next. So I guess I will dream on, dreamer…


Richie Clark - Dream On, Dreamer