By far the easiest, most professional and fun recording experience I have had. Highly recommended!

Highly recommend working with Ladd Studios for any production work. Great expertise, communication and attitude to creating something special.

I would highly recommend Ladd Studios to any musician looking to record. Erek’s skills, knowledge and relaxed approach made for an enjoyable recording experience and his professional post production follow up completed the package.

We got stacks done thanks to Erek’s super efficient workflow and had a blast! It was an awesome experience. We’d highly recommend Erek if you’re looking for somewhere to record. Cheers!
— Trevor Petrie, The War of Ideas

Ladd Studios are absolutely amazing. Just recorded a single with them and Erek knows exactly how to get the sound you really want. Any artists in Bendigo looking for top quality, shoot them a message. They’re incredible.
— Jimmy Black, musician

A really professional environment with a lovely couple who ensure all needs are catered for. Very competitive rate as well. Highly recommended.
— Anatoly Sawenko, musician

Erek is an incredibly humble and generous guy, who went out of his way to make the recording experience at his studios the best it could be. He was laidback, keen and willing to do anything to get the wanted results for the recording! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is wanting to get top quality recording! Absolute legend.
— Imy Piper, musician

Very comfortable and welcoming! Had an incredible experience recording with Ladd Studios. Very welcoming and a relaxing, cool environment to record in. Ladd Studios have a great set up - very professional and a real and special experience. I was extremely happy with the end result. They love what they do and look to put a smile on your face, which was very easily achieved. Walked away having fulfilled a dream thanks to Ladd Studios. Can’t wait to work with them again! I would highly recommend them to any musician wanting to record or kick start their music.
— Lilly Skipper, musician

Very relaxed studio vibes. I had a great experience working with Ladd Studios. Very positive and professional and I was very satisfied with the end result. I look forward to working with them again. Would highly recommend!
— Sean Orr, musician

Ladd Studios offers a quality recording experience. The recording room is a stunning escape, a place where you can feel right at home as soon as you walk in. Ladd Studios is incredibly generous, positive and friendly. I would recommend Ladd Studios to any upcoming artists who want to capture their music. Ladd Studios cares about the meaning and purpose of songwriting, which is a rare trait to find in the music industry. Thank you, Ladd Studios - stay awesome.
— Timothy Li, musician

We had commissioned Erek’s services for his help creating some new music for a video game we were working on. Erek was extremely professional throughout the whole process and provided exactly what we were looking for. I am very pleased I decided to reach out to Erek for help, and I highly recommend Erek to anybody looking for very talented musician.
— John Lester, CollectorVision

As an artist, we are overwhelmed with selection when it comes to people who can produce, mix or master tracks. So when we were looking for someone to do so, we had a few options but none of those were as hard working and easy to work with as Erek Ladd. His old school approach made things incredibly simple and his work ethic was totally above expectation. For anyone looking to work with a professional and someone that will be everything you desire and more, Erek is your guy!
— Andrew Gillespie, musician

I edit videos for YouTube that are watched by thousands of viewers regularly from all over the world. I need these videos to be at the highest level of quality, and to do so would be almost impossible if not for Erek’s talents. His voice over work and audio mixing is outstanding, and his professionalism is unmatched. Not only does he produce quality work, but he does so at a moment’s notice. Erek never fails to deliver, is extremely easy to communicate and work with and will exceed all of your expectations. His voice is deep, clear and stands proudly in any video. His pronunciation during long monologues and even just small sound bites is fantastic. His voice makes an impact that can be felt by the listener. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for voice overs and audio mixing.
— Wood Hawker, Beatemups

Erek is an extremely talented multi-instrument musician who is confident in his ability and skill. He has collaborated with Heine House Entertainment LLC. on numerous video game soundtracks and specific music productions. Every performance he gives is full of creativity, with his work being proficient, skillful and of the highest quality. His ability to maintain focus allows him to deliver assets even to strict deadlines.
— Jason Heine, Heine House Entertainment

I commissioned Erek to voice two commercials for our store, MicroGame Play and Trade. He was not only professional, but also finished both on time with a quick turnaround. I have done repeat business with Erek and, if I need another commercial voiced, I know where I’ll be going.
— Christopher Virginia, Microgame Play and Trade