the location

Ladd Studios is located in the Bendigo CBD at Level 2, 100 Mitchell Street. Situated in the storey above Smartphone Fix Bendigo, we are close by the supermarket, shopping district, cafes, music store and train station. Accessible via a private laneway entrance with off-street parking, Ladd Studios is open outside of usual retail business hours in order to allow for maximum sound creation. 

the facilities

Our studio features a reception and lounge area upon entrance where clients can enjoy entertainment and refreshments between recording. The lounge area features a small kitchenette and bar fridge for keeping food and drinks fresh during sessions. There are also two outdoor areas on the balcony and downstairs. Clients are welcome to use bathroom and kitchen facilities as required.

the gear

At Ladd Studios, we use modern digital technology to capture your sound using the latest version of Logic Pro X, state-of-the-art analogue-to-digital converters and galleries of impulse responses. We also provide a range of studio instruments on hand which all clients are welcome to use, however we also encourage clients to bring their own gear in order to create desired unique sound.


Our Control Room is where your project comes to life. From guitar and bass tracking to mixing and mastering, the Control Room provides a comfortable environment to relax in while your session is in progress. The Control Room is acoustically treated with acoustic insulation panels record any bass, guitar or piano tracks straight into the computer software. All post-production works takes place here. With the ability to track sessions in both Logic Pro X or Pro Tools 12, our studio features a variety of great software and plugins to enhance your sound. Our state-of-the-art touch screen interface, the Slate Raven MTi2, works in conjunction with our digital audio workstations as a modern alternative to older-style analogue mixing desks. The Control Room also features a large window constructed from hush laminated glass which contributes to the soundproofing of the room while still allowing communication between the artist and engineer. Clients can also sit comfortably in the Control Room in a small lounge area during recording sessions.


Featuring a high open ceiling and generous sized production area, the Live Room allows for big drum sounds while also providing a natural reverb that sits nicely on any vocal or acoustic guitar track. Artists are able to independently monitor their performances with a comfortable pair of headphones as well as utilise the talkback feature for streamlining the communication process between engineer and artist. This room houses our studio drum kit, guitars, basses, amps, pedals and other gear. Clients are welcome to use our studio gear or alternatively bring their own to use while recording. This room is treated with acoustic foam and insulation panels and is perfect for recording drums as the high ceilings allow for ample noise production space. Within the Live Room is also a separately constructed vocal booth which has been independently treated with acoustic foam and a floating floor. Other services and events at Ladd Studios, such as live music, workshops and music lessons, also take place in the Control Room while recordings are not in session.



Accessible within the Live Room is a separately constructed and acoustically treated vocal booth room. Designed as a space for vocalists and voice over artists to confidently record tracks in a silent and compact area, the vocal booth is treated with floor-to-ceiling acoustic foam and a floating floor. Featuring hush laminated glass, the vocal booth window allows for minimum noise leakage and maximum visibility with those in the Control and Live Rooms.


Our lounge area is the first place you will see upon arrival at Ladd Studios. Featuring a welcoming sitting area with couches, a television and a gaming station, clients are welcome to relax here during breaks or while other members are recording. Additionally, there is also a private bathroom with shower and toilet facilities along with a separate kitchen area to keep food and drinks. The kitchen area includes a bar fridge, microwave and coffee machine for client use.


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