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file types



All original vector files are created in Abode Illustrator. These file types can be of use to printers when printing on a larger scale format. They can also be handy for other designers to use in the future when creating additional branding elements or marketing collateral.



EPS files are a vector file format that can be resized without losing quality. Ideal for print usage and valuable to all designers and printers alike as it is universal and can be opened on any vector-based design program. Suitable for stationery, flyers, business cards, t-shirts and any other high quality print product.



PDF files are an editable file format that features all parts of a printed document as an electronic image that can be used to view, navigate, print, or forward online. PDF files are created and viewed using Adobe Acrobat and Reader software. PDF files are commonly accepted as print files also. Suitable for all printing and viewing purposes.


PNG files are most commonly used for online and screen purposes as they have a low resolution. PNG files are able to be used with a transparent background, making them useful for websites and videos. Suitable for websites, online, emails, videos or screens.



JPEG files are a compressed file format used for online and screen purposes. Compression quality can be determined in a JPEG file for high, low or medium resolution quality depending on the usage. JPEG files do not support transparent background and will either have a white or coloured background. Compared to PNG files, JPEGs often suit better for social media usage. Suitable for websites, online, social media, emails, screens.





We provide mp3 for an alternative smaller file size with big results. These can work well for instances such as personal use as well as for uploading online.


We also provide wav files which is a much larger file size with studio quality audio. These files are generally used for CD replication and digital distribution.